Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Where are you located?

 We are conveniently located at 107 Oakwood Drive in the center of Glastonbury, CT.  Next door to the Glastonbury YMCA, across the street from Oakwood Soccer

 2.     How long have you been in business?

 The studio was founded in 1984 by Tammy Carlson.  At the time, the studio had two locations, East Hartford & Enfield.  Miss Tammy’s younger sister, Miss Tracy Lombardo took ownership years later.   Miss Tracy moved the studio to Glastonbury in 2004 where is resides today.  The studio is now owned and operated by Miss Janelle who started at New Steps at the age of 5. Through the years, the director may have changed but the original vision and goal of the studio created by Miss Tammy has remained the same.

 3.     What ages do you offer dance classes to?

 We offer dance classes for ages 2-adult. 

 4.     What do you have for adults?

 For adults we offer tap, ballet & modern dance classes as well as our barre, pilates & total body tone fitness classes. No experience is required for our adult dance classes.

 5.     Does my child have to participate in the recital?

 No.  Your child does not need to participate in our end of the year recital.

 6.     What is the price of costumes?

$35 costume deposit/costume is collected in November.  Costume balance is collected in January.  Costume prices vary and is based on current retail prices.  Costume deposit typically covers about 50-90% of the total cost of the costume.  Advanced/older student’s costumes typically run higher than younger/beginner ages.  If a student decides after costumes are ordered that they do not wish to participate in the end of the year recital due to any reason, parents are still responsible for paying the costume balance.  We always announce recital date PRIOR to collecting costume deposit.

 7.     Are there any other costs to recital besides costume?

 The only other costs to recital is tights & tickets.  All children should have the correct shoes during the dance year otherwise they will need to purchase prior to the recital for the correct color and style.  On occasion in Hip Hop classes a specific sneaker style is required to match the costume. 

 8.     Do I have to pay in full or do you have payment options?

 You do not pay in full for the entire dance year.  The entire dance year is split by two semesters and within those two semesters are two payments towards tuition.  50% of first semester is due at the time of registration.  Remaining balance of 1st semester is due in October.  50% of 2nd semester is due in January and remaining balance of 2nd semester is due in February. 

 9.     Do you do competition?

We do not participate in competition of any kind.  We feel with competition no matter how hard a studio tries, there will always be a split within the studio and that is not what we are about.  We believe dance is a way to express oneself and dance because you love to dance.  Keep the competition within oneself and become the best dancer you can be by learning from others and helping others grow as dancers here at New Steps.

 10. How many recitals do you have and how long is the recital?

 We have only 1 recital.  Only our yearlong dance classes participate in the recital.  The recital is typically under two hours with a 10 minute intermission.  A child 3 and under does not need a ticket and music, costumes and choreography is appropriate for all audiences.

 11. My child has never danced before, do you have classes for beginners?

Yes!  We have dance classes for all levels. Student class placement isn’t solely based on age but experience and ability as well. Please contact us with any questions on class placement.