This studio has always supported young dancers in such a special way, building confidence in a non-competitive space while learning, making friends, and having fun!
— Ananda
Fabulous studio! My daughter’s confidence in herself has grown thanks to the wonderful teachers at New Steps!
— Jen M.
Excellent place owner and teachers supreme
— Ginachristene
Best dance studio for any age and beginner to professional. Very welcoming and a great way to exercise and have fun.
— Caitlin
My daughter has been dancing at New Steps for 2 years and has loved every second. The staff couldn’t be more kind and helpful and really make it seem like a big family! Have recommended to friends and will continue to do so.
— Ronald F.
I’m a big fan of New Steps Dance for my 4.5yr old daughter and myself! We wanted to introduce our daughter to dance in town and looked for a place where she would have fun and learn but also somewhere that worked for our family. New Steps offered a combo class for her age so we could introduce her to both tap and ballet fundamentals at a convenient time late afternoon. She loved both of course. Come recital time, the cost didn’t set us back like other studios and the recital was only 1 night and not an entire weekend with multiple shows and commitments! The show was fantastic and very well put together and didn’t go on for 5 hours like some studios.

Now for me.. who has time to workout as a mom? New Steps fitness classes are perfect for a moms schedule!! I can feed my kids and get them ready for bed and get to a 7:30pm class instead of something in the middle of dinner time and I can also get to a class after pre-school drop off (9:15 or 9:30am!). Instructors Chelsea and Janelle are my favorites, you leave sweating and sore the next day, If I only have an hour to workout that’s what I’m looking for!
— Jessica G.
I really enjoy working out with Janelle at New Steps because she creates a “ can-do” atmosphere! She encourages you to push hard but to also listen to your body. She has been awesome with adapting any activities to suit my needs (i.e. I have knee issues). TBT is a great overall workout and I feel very comfortable working out with people of all ages and skill levels.
— Cathy
Great teachers for young and not so young. A variety of classes to choose from. My great niece enjoys ballet and tap and I have enjoyed the barre class.
— Jane
New Steps is an amazing dance studio. My daughter loves going ! This will be her 5th year and she still loves it as much as the first day. The teachers and classes are all great! I highly recommend for boys or girls!
— Lori B.
My daughter has made wonderful friends. The studio is challenging, respectful and encouraging. I love that our girls can feel good about themselves and have place where they feel free to be themselves!
I enjoy the fitness classes where it’s okay to laugh at yourself on the way to a healthier you.
— KC
My daughters have enjoyed three years of dance classes and I’ve found New Steps to be a relaxed and encouraging environment for them to learn and get the experience of being on stage for a recital.
— Marin
I have brought my 2 1/2 year old and 4 month old with me to the mommy and me fitness classes - I
They are great! My 2 1/2 year old had fun playing with the other kids and even participating in the exercises. And the teachers adapted the exercises so I could hold my 4 month old if she needed me. So nice to finally have a class I can bring my kids to! The workout is great too!
— Carolyn H.
My daughter just had her 5th birthday party at New Steps and we were blown away! The girls all had so much fun that my son couldn’t resist jumping in as well! The party hosts wore adorable tutus and were great with children. The party went seamlessly (costumes, dancing, headband making, etc.), and I would highly recommend New Steps for your child’s next party!
— Christina
I am 64 years old, have osteoporosis and wanted an exercise class that was both safe and effective for me. Mat Pilates is amazing and what I was looking for! The instructor, Heather is very knowledgeable, warm, and very motivational. I love the personal attention Heather give to everyone, explaining each movement. I have noticed a change in my body and posture! Great class!
— Lucianne
My daughter has had glasses since she was 2. As you all know, kids can be mean causing her to having some insecurities about her appearance. All of her insecurities go away when she is dancing with her friends at New Steps. She enjoys dancing with the outstanding teachers, making new friends and sharing a true love for music and dance. New Steps welcomes every single person with open arms and makes an after school activity something my daughter truly looks forward to. Thank you to each and every member of the studio for making my little ballerina feel like a star. I HIGHLY recommend New Steps to anyone who is interested in dance or fitness. It’s affordable and worth it!!!!
— Jen
My 7 year old daughter has been dancing at New Steps since she began dancing at 3. She has always felt so comfortable at New Steps and is challenged to do her best with positive, ‘you can do it’ feedback from the teachers. She has learned so much in a short time. I know she enjoys the warm, family feel of the studio, as do I. The teachers are all great with kids and help nurture their confidence in themselves and in their dancing!
— Kara
My daughters have danced at New Steps for over 10 years, collectively, and continue to enjoy their fun classes, as well as the encouraging, positive spirit of the instructors. Here, you feel like part of the dance family, not just a “dance number”.
— Kimberly T.
Wonderful studio and instructors, feels like family.
— Kelly B.

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Janelles class is the both challenging and fun! She offers a variety of activities to keep the workouts energizing and takes personal interest in each of her students. New Steps feels like more of a community than a gym- and that has made me feel comfortable with myself and been the encouragement to reach new fitness goals. I always dreaded working out- but now I can honestly say Thursday night is my favorite night of the week!
— Kelly
About a year ago I decided to attend a Sweat and Sparkle Ladies Night at New Steps Dance and Fitness Center. That night I took part in a cardio hip-hop demo class lead by Heather P. I was never a gym person, but was looking to add fitness into my life. It was hard trying to find time for me to stay healthy being a busy, working Mom. After that night, I decided to sign-up for weekly cardio hip-hop classes, which helped improve my confidence, but also my fitness level. New Steps Dance and Fitness Center provides me an opportunity to work out as they offer a variety of fitness classes at convenient times. I have been given immense motivation to push myself to my limits by Heather P., along with all the amazing fitness teachers at the Center. The constant support and encouragement they have given me has allowed me to endure more classes and meet personal success in areas I never thought I would be venturing. Having fun while working out is just another added benefit to taking classes at New Steps Dance and Fitness Center. I would recommend them to anyone!
— Cheryl

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A note from the director...

Welcome to New Steps Dance & Fitness Center!  I hope you or your child can find New Steps to be a perfect fit for you!  We have a lot to offer in both dance & fitness. Our dance program has been in business for over 30 years. At four years old, my mom signed me up at New Steps after hearing about the studio from a friend.  I couldn’t wait to meet my teacher, see the studio and make new friends.  I knew I wanted to dance.  What I didn’t know was, 26 years later, I would be the new director.

Miss Tammy and Miss Tracy created a beautiful foundation for so many young dancers and families and I plan to continue growing the studio while maintaining the values and goals of what New Steps has been for decades.

For me, New Steps was a place I could go week after week to dance, have fun, meet new friends and express myself through the art of dance.  As I grew older, the meaning of dance meant more.  Through the stress of school, teenage years, then college life and even life as an adult, New Steps continued to be an outlet for me. After high school while I continued to teach at New Steps, I saw young dancers through a teacher’s eyes and saw how they, too, needed a place to be themselves, move, dance and have fun.

New Steps has always been a non-competitive dance studio and has always attracted recreational dancers who have a passion for dance in an environment that’s comfortable and fun. Any student at New Steps can tell you that we are not about competing with one another but rather competing with yourself and becoming the best dancer you can be.

Our dance faciulty from left to right Miss Sydney, Miss Heather, Miss Janelle, Miss Tracy, Miss Tammy, Miss Shawna

Our dance faciulty from left to right Miss Sydney, Miss Heather, Miss Janelle, Miss Tracy, Miss Tammy, Miss Shawna

I am blessed to work alongside Miss Tammy and Miss Tracy as they continue to help me grow this amazing dance program for ages two through adults! While the fitness programs are new to the studio, teaching group fitness is not new to me! After working in big gyms, experiencing classes from other teachers and earning a degree in Exercise Science, I have developed a style of teaching that I think is appropriate, approachable, effective and fun!

The biggest takeaway I want my clients to gain is that becoming healthy takes more than just joining a gym or going to a couple of classes a week. It needs to be a lifestyle change. The first step is to find the right place for you to start. Physical activity should be done most days of the week and small changes in nutrition can also help to get your healthy lifestyle on track.

I take pride in working with each of my clients based on their individual goals, plans and desires. This is why I also take my time when choosing fitness instructors to teach here at New Steps. The instructors you will find here have the same motto as our dance department: set goals for yourself that are achievable and then build on that achievement. Our classes cater to the busy lives of all women but our classes are open to men as well. We know woman are all at different stages of life and need to not be discouraged if they can’t keep up with the person next to them in class. Let them be a motivation, not a discouragement! Do what you can do, and we will push you to your ability. Together we can work to create the best results for you!

Thank you for your interest into New Steps and again, I hope we can be a perfect fit for what you are looking for!