Upcoming Events


Mother Daughter Cardio Hip Hop Party

Monday, February 26 6:30pm Ages 9+

$30, Pre-Registration required.  Price is for 2 people.

Get your best girlfriends together and come join the party!  Mother, daughter, niece, aunt or just best friends!  Doesn't matter!  It's all about getting moving with a special person in your life!

Get your heartrate up and keep it up in a fun dance fitness class style.  This class will consist of easy to follow steps and moves so even if you’ve never done Hip Hop before you will catch on.  The class will include core exercises and a relaxing cool-down to end the dance party!  

Join us for this special class!  Light refreshments will be served after class.  Pre-Registration required. 




Roll, Release & Restore

Tuesday, February 27 9:30am

$20, Pre-Registration required

Do you feel tight and inflexible?  Do you have muscular pain or scar tissue?  Do you rarely make time to stretch after your workouts?  This class will provide self-myofascial release from head to toe, designed to relieve "knots" or tissue adhesions throughout the body using foam rollers and various balls.  Rolling can increase range of motion, fascia hydration, muscular sensation, balance, muscle recovery and blood circulation.  Walk out of class with a whole new re-energized body.  If you have your own foam roller or Pilates mat, please bring them to class.

Join us for this special class!  Light refreshments will be served after class.  Pre-Registration required. 




Bring a Friend Week for all Dance Classes


  March 19-22

Come meet our faculty, see our studio and participate in a dance class!  You do not need to have a "friend" in class.  Please contact the studio to find the class day & time that is age and level appropiate for your child and to reserve your spot! This is a great opporutnity to check us out, learn more about our dance program before commiting to our year long dance dance program or summer dance classes!


Past Events


Pilates 101

Pilates focuses on integrating all parts of the body into one, rather than segregating the body into inefficiently working parts.  It aims to restore the natural curvature of the spine, re-balance the muscles, and re-train the body to move safer and more efficiently.  Pilates 101 will go deeply into the basic principles of the technique, and the importance of alignment and proper muscle recruitment.  Practice doesn't make perfect...PERFECT practice makes perfect!  It takes 300 repetitions to create a bad habit and 3,000 repetitions to undo that bad habit!  Perfecting these Pilates principles will allow you to apply them to all the other areas of your daily life, and prevent the bad habits and resulting injuries that would otherwise occur.



Sweat & Shop to Help Find a Cure!

Our first fundraiser event for Breast Friends Fund to help find a cure for Metastatic Breast Cancer raised $1,745!  We had a variety of fitness classes and raffle prizes donated by local small businesses.  Face  painting, arts & crafts, photo booth fun and cotton candy for the kids.  100% of the proceeds was donated to Breast Friends Fund.  Breast Friends Fund donates 100% of money raised directly to support Metastatic Breast Cancer Research under the direction of Dr. Eric Winer and his research team at the Dane-Farber Cancer Institute.  Currently there is no cure for Metastatic Breast Cancer but together we can find a cure! Please see below how you can donate.


2017 Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival Performance and Angry Orchard 5k




Recital 2017

"No dream is too big, no goal is too far of a reach.  When you work hard, dedicate your time, you can achieve anything you set your mind to." -Miss Janelle

Our dancers proved this as they worked together, helped each other all year through and together shined so bring on stage!

We are SO proud of all our dance students!  Congratulations New Steps on another great Recital!

A thank you to Danielle Marie Photography for the following pictures taken at our Dress Rehearsal. 


Mother & Daughter Yoga

A night out for woman & girls ages 9+ A beautiful yoga class and a sweet treat after as you find the inner peace and bauty with the special girl/woman in your life!  Open to sisters, friends, mother & daughter, aunt & niece, God-mother & God-daughter. 

Yoga, Wine & Girlfriends

A mini yoga class -- All levels Yoga with Laura or Power Vinyasa Yoga with Nicole.  We sipped some wine & chit-chatted with our best girlfriends as we kicked off summer classes and welcomed our newest fitness instructor, Nicole!

Holiday Season 2016

Here at New Steps the kids (and the faculty) enjoyed the Holiday Season by dressing in costume for dance class during Halloween week, "decorating pumpkins" and at the end of the year we decorated for the Holidays by "building snowmen" and collecting donations for a local charity or organization in need.  This year we collected supplies to help the Judy Dworin Performance Project, Ine. Bridging Boundaries.  As always, we ended the year with our Faculty Holiday Party complete with a yoga class from our very own Laura and a yummy meal from First & Last Tavern.