Dance Classes

New Steps Dance & Fitness Center offers a variety of classes for ages 2-adult.

Twinkle Tots

Creative movement for ages 2 & 3. Learning to wait turn in line, basic stretching of muscles, and singing songs, reading stories and putting movement to the words, marching band and ribbon play. Finally, learning basic ballet steps at barre and moving through the space. These children do not participate in the recital. This class is a 10-week session. All students must be potty trained.


Ages 3 to 6 years old. This class includes both Ballet and Tap. Children need both types of shoes to participate. As children get older (5 & 6 years old), Jazz dance also becomes a part of class to let the child become familiar with this type of dance also. This class will do one dance in the recital (ballet or tap), based on the decision of the teacher.

Boys Only - Hip Hop & Tap combination

Boys only, ages 4 to 10 years old. This class includes both Hip Hop and Tap. Children need both types of shoes to participate.


Ages 7 and up. Ballet class will usually start with barre work and or stretching. this will continue working steps across the floor and moving thru space. Finally putting steps together to form combinations and/or a full dance.


Ages 7 and up. Tap class is always a fun and rhythmic class. Class will start with a warm up, in center or at barre depending on level. The class will then move across floor or stay center working on combinations of steps.


Ages 7 and up. Jazz class will always start with a standing stretch and then progress to a floor stretch. Depending on the level of class they may also stretch at barre from time to time. Jazz steps will then move across floor, turning into combinations as the classes progress.

Hip Hop

A dance class with combined elements of various street dance styles. Class begins with warm up and may also consist of moving across the floor with dance steps and combinations of steps.  The many styles will include funk dancing, popping, locking and very basic break dancing techniques.


This class is taken by children who would like to be in pointe shoes one day. The students are chosen to participate in this class by students' ballet teacher once they express an interest. It is a very individual class with all levels working on their own. You must also continue to participate in Ballet class while taking Footwork class. Pointe shoes are the ultimate goal but again only happens under supervision of the teacher and when she feels the student is more than ready.


Taken by children who are at intermediate levels of Ballet dance and other types of dance as well. It is a continuation of Ballet dance with a bit more free expression. Students are required to also be taking a Ballet class. This class allows the student to do improvisational work and be very creative on their own, while using the ballet techniques that they have learned.


This class is an opportunity for adults of all levels to participate in dance classes.  Whether you grew up dancing and want to get back into it or never had the opportunity, now is your time! A free class is built into the pricing as every busy women, mom & wife will already know she will be missing a class due to a busy schedule.  This class is a 10-week session and there is no registration fee required.