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All orders will be shipped to the studio within 3-4 weeks. We do have many items you can purchase in the studio. Jackets may also be embroidered with name on it. All orders are done online directly through the Graphic Edge. Please note this order will not be before our October performances but will be in before the Holiday Season for anyone getting a jump start on Holiday Shopping!

Please read below for detailed dress code for all dance classes.

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Proper dance attire reflects a proper attitude towards dance.  We permit any color or style leotard with tights and the appropriate dance shoes.  Hair must be pulled back and no baggy or loose garments will be allowed.  This includes all Hip Hop classes as well.  Ballet skirts or spandex dance shorts may be worn over leotards and tights.  Adult Dance Classes do not need to follow the dress code.  Adult Dance Classes only may wear clothing that is not dance attire i.e; leggings, t-shirts, athletic wear, etc. 

NO OUTSIDE SNEAKERS ALLOWED FOR HIP HOP CLASSES.  A clean/new pair of sneakers that have only been used for indoor use is appropriate for all Hip Hop Students. 

The following are appropriate dance shoes for the classes listed.  The color does not matter for class however for the recital, the specific colors below would be required for our end of the year recital.  In some rare cases, a different color or shoe style may need to be bought depending on costume color for the end of the year recital.

Dance Class Shoes

Twinkle Tots & Ballet Tap Combination classes.  Twinkle Tots do not need tap shoes.

All Jazz Students, ages 7+

All Ballet Students, ages 7+

All Tap Students, ages 7+

All Hip Hop Students. 

PLEASE NOTE - Outside street shoes should not be worn on the dance floors.  This helps to keep them clean and dirt free.  During the winter messy months especially, please leave outdoor shoes in waiting room.  Thank you for you corroboration and understanding on helping us to keep our floors clean and dry. 

NO DANCE SHOES SHOULD EVER BEEN WORN OUTSIDE.  The pavement, grass, dirt & sand can ruin all dance shoes. 

Dance Class Attire Options


Dancers Helping Dancers Program

recycle your dance shoes & clothes with us!

We welcome you to donate your gently used dance shoes and dance clothes to the studio. We will "sell" them at a suggested donation price and donate 100% to the Judy Dworin Performance Project, Bridging Boundaries Program.

These shoes are available throughout the year and you may donate your gently used shoes & clothes at any time.

Thank you for helping us to help others in our community, supporting the Arts and supporting the belief that movement can make a difference in a child's life.

*no profit is made on any of these "sales"

So far we have raised over $150! Thank you to everyone who has donated & shopped. You make it all possible!

New Steps apparel items available for purchase in studio

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Recital Needs

PLEASE NOTE: All Ballet students need color, ‘PINK’ (not ballet pink, there is a different in color) All Jazz, Tap, Modern & Hip Hop students need ‘Light Tan’ tights for recital. The option of either footed or the adaptatoe is up to the preference of the dancer/parent. Most older students prefer the adaptatoe.