Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Becoming healthy takes more than just joining a gym or going to a couple of classes, it needs to be a lifestyle change. The first step is finding the right place for you to start, and the best fit for your lifestyle so you can make fitness a part of your daily routine.

Please bring a mat and water to class. More classes and times to come soon!

Total Body Tone

In Total Body Tone, the exercises will benefit multiple muscle groups at once.  A variety of equipment helps change up the exercises and the class format to keep things interesting during each session.  Half way through the class, get your heart rate up with a small, intense cardio section and end with a relaxing cool-down to treat your body after a vigorous workout.

Mat Pilates

This class was developed by Joseph Pilates and was originally called "Contrology," meaning "the science of control." Pilates is a mind-body exercise practice placing emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breath and the development of a strong, efficiently-working core. Using specific body weight exercises, you will improve your flexibility and strength, coordination and balance, and learn to use your body effectively throughout the day. If available, please bring your own mat.

Cardio Hip Hop

Get your heartrate up and keep it up in a fun dance fitness class style.  This class will consist of easy to follow steps and moves so even if you’ve never done Hip Hop before you will catch on.  The class will include core exercises and a relaxing cool-down to end the dance party!  


This group exercise class is inspired by the body changing principles of both ballet and Pilates. It is a full body workout incorporating body weight exercises, weights, exercise balls, stretch bands and, of course, the ballet barre. Improve posture and elongate your body, while strengthening and defining your muscles in this intense workout. If available, please bring your own mat.

Mama and Me Pilates

This is a Mat Pilates class with the added benefit of a child! Use your child's natural weight to add an extra challenge to your workout while connecting with your little one. You are still welcome to join us if you are child-free.  If available, please bring your own mat.

Mama and Me Fitness

Whether your child is a newborn, 12 months or 2+ years old, you will benefit from the fun of socializing with other moms and other kids while improving your strength and flexibility at the same time. This class gives you the opportunity to pass along the importance of physical activity to your child. 

All Levels Yoga

This class is for all levels with an option to modify or make it more challenging using your breath to connect physically and mentally.  A series of yoga positions will help refresh your body and make you feel great.

Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga

This class is a sequence designed for all levels, easily modified for all physical abilities by integrating breath, meditation and inquiry about what is possible on the mat, we find out how much more we're capable of off of the mat.  It is truly a journey of self-discovery and inner power.

Pre-Teen (ages 9-12) & Teen (13-17) Fitness

The workouts for these groups vary with each session and age group.  For the pre-teen group, we like to make physical activity fun by participating in games that still incorporate age-appropriate exercises. In the teen group, we go over the proper form and technique for weightlifting and when to start lifting.  They are only allowed light weights, as they are still growing.

We also do many body weight exercises that are appropriate for any age and take plenty of cool-down time to concentrate on stretching and flexibility.

This class is a great way for pre-teen & teen girls to learn what the food groups are and how important it is to eat nutritious meals.  From why breakfast is so important and learning why junk food isn't the best thing for growing kids to put into their bodies, this class covers it all!

We also go over the importance of staying hydrated (especially for those athletes!) and how important it is to re-fuel the body after a game, practice or any workout.